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"It's about results"

Many people assume that a new website will instantly be found by people on search engines. They couldn't be more wrong...

Getting a website designed is similar to going to a a graphic design studio and asking them to design you a glossy brochure. You then ask them to print off a thousand copies. Would you then expect to start getting customer enquiries from that brochure? Not until you've distributed the brochure by whatever means, and they are in the hands of prospective customers.

In web terms, getting a website designed is equivalent to getting your brochure designed and printed. In order to get people to see your website, you need to pull or push visitors to it. This can be done successfully by conventional means, such as newspaper advertising, having the website address printed on your letterheads and business cards. But the real advantage comes when you use online web marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) can deliver huge numbers of visitors to your website. The important factor to realise is that they should be qualified prospects, i.e. are they looking for your service or product.

The two main sides to search engine marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Campaign Management

The services we offer cover both of these methods, and will generally include some or all of the following:

The price for this service will vary according to the type of website and it would be impractical to have a fixed fee. We charge an initial optimization fee in order to get your site ready and then an ongoing maintenance fee.

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